A Note from our Makers

A Note From Our Makers

Two years ago My Cinema Lightbox® was launched by two determined entrepreneurs with a vision to create a new product trend. The idea was to bridge personal creativity with social media, giving people a way to express themselves in a nostalgic way.

We are Andrew and Andrea, and we started this from scratch. With a simple website, one product (our Original Cinema Lightbox) and an Instagram profile, we persistently reached out to bloggers and anyone we could to get the word out and give us a chance. We put everything into our start-up business, and couldn't be more proud to see how it has grown today. My Cinema Lightbox is now in over 800 stores across North America, and all over social media. It's later that brings the biggest smiles on our face. We couldn't have done this without you - all of you!

From the initial bloggers who took a chance on featuring us, to those very first customers who purchased when we were personally shipping out of a storage locker, every once of support helped us. We are so thrilled you all love the light boxes as much as we do. It's the best feeling to scroll through your tagged photos and see all the creative sayings, photoshoots, and flat lays. It's fair to say we appreciate all the love even more than words can say.

The success of My Cinema Lightbox® allowed us to expand our vision by creating a brand and company called Amped & Co earlier this year.

In honour of being nominated, we wanted to share a little about the business and ourselves with you, since we are normally private hard-working people, and you all have shared so much with us. We would like to thank our customers, friends, family, and especially the bloggers, stores, and buyers who have supported us and took a chance on our enthusiastic ideas. A very special thanks goes to our office and extended staff, we couldn't have done this without each and every one of you. <3

We would love if you could take a moment to share in our love fest and vote for us before November 15th!

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- Andrew & Andrea